KageAIO Automation

With KageAIO you will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive footware and apparal at a fraction of the cost. Never look back with our state of the art automation software.

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Our support team is dedicated to help you secure the top releases from multiple sources. From raffles to initial release, we will guide the way with our top of the line discord guides and services.
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KageAIO is constantly updating and adding new websites to help you secure the top releases. The suggestions channel in the discord helps us connect with our customers in order to fulfill their top requests.
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Rest assured that your information is safe with KageAIO as no one has access to it. Our database holds no record of your card information and it is transferred directly from your machine to the vendors.
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Once most auto checkout software is released, they stay where they're at and patch bugs. Not us. We plan on pushing the boundaries and surpassing any set limit.

KageAIO Community

Welcome to the KageAIO community, here at KageAIO, we have one primary objective. To help our consumers accomplish success in reselling hype clothing and sneakers. Regardless, whether you have a PhD in the reselling scene or just started to dive into the waters, our team at KageAIO will provide you with the fundamentals and required necessities to satisfy your needs. From monthly giveaways to groupbuys to exclusive member perks, we welcome you on board ! Now... lets cook ! #CookWithKage

KageAIO Features

Raise your chances of purchasing exclusive products from Footlocker, Footlocker Canada, Footaction, Champs Sport, Eastbay, Kids Footlocker, Lady's Footlocker and Walmart by using our automated software.

Enter raffles of some of the top raffle sites while spoofing your location using residential or datacenter proxies.

Use your FLX accounts while purchasing in order to secure points and a better chance to win footsite raffles.

Automatically solve captchas using our integrated 2Captcha and Anti-Captcha APIs.

Import your profiles from some of the top profile managers on the market.

Get exclusive discounts only available to KageAIO users for servers, proxies and top notch cook groups.

Great in-bot features to help make copping what you need easier.